Engaging a new wave of feminists with the Victorian Women’s Trust

Engaging a new wave of feminists with the Victorian Women’s Trust

Branding / Marketing

Breakthrough 2016 was: “the biggest gender equality conference in the nation’s history and the largest event of its kind in a generation”.

Hosted by the Victorian Women’s Trust (VWT), Breakthrough was a coming together of all people and 100+ speakers to talk about the most important opportunity of our time: gender equality.

Breakthrough crowd view from top mezzanine.
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A conference for all women

When the team at the Victorian Women's Trust came to Wildwon with their idea for Australia's biggest gender equality conference, there was a big difference between the existing VWT audience and the desired new audience for the conference. It was paramount to the event’s success that the branding appeal to women of all ages and be radically inclusive in its positioning, in line with the values of the event. After conducting research with members of the Victorian Women’s Trust and their target audiences, this information was consolidated into five key personas and experience design principles. From the insights garnered through this process the Breakthrough identity took shape.

Breakthrough style guide pages.
Breakthrough program pages.
Breakthrough responsive microsite design.
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Getting the word out

The online promotional campaign for Breakthrough rolled out across Instagram, Facebook and the VWT email list and was successful at selling out the event and raising awareness of gender equality more broadly, amongst a secondary online audience. The event microsite was updated to coincide with the marketing campaign, with new speakers and program info updated weekly.

Breakthrough social media images: Tara Moss
Breakthrough social media images: Tara Moss quote.
Breakthrough social media images: Tickets on sale
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Bringing Breakthrough to life

Participants experienced Breakthrough through the event website and app, in print collateral and of course during the real world event. The experience design principles developed in the research phase were used to inform the design of all touch points, from the language used and images chosen, to the promotional channels and key moments of the event itself. Carefully designed and produced collateral played a key role in creating the Breakthrough identity and making the experience memorable for attendees. 

Customised name lanyards - with colour representing attendee type (guest, speaker, volunteer), also included a personalised message from the Victorian Women's Trust team inside. A custom built signage system that was draped with mixed textures of wood, paper, and fabric communicated a sense of openness, transparency, and inclusivity. Staging included drapes that cascaded over the stage and onto the floor, drawing the audience into the conversation. The Breakthrough logo was a dramatic and large focal point on the stage with its upward position suggesting momentum. From the custom built book signing area for attendees to mingle with speakers to a chill-out zone for attendees to have a moment of stillness in the comfortable furniture while recharging their devices - every part of the Breakthrough experience was considered.

Breakthrough volunteers in branded tshirts and lanyards.
Breakthrough attendees with program and lanyards.
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breaking through

2 Days. 100 Speakers. 1 Message.

Over the past 50 years, gender roles have shifted dramatically, transforming schools, workplaces, families and lives. Despite this, many limiting expectations remain, hindering our progress towards equality. Breakthrough featured more than 100 thought leaders who are passionate about social change. A star-studded line up of speakers included: Rachel Griffiths, Leigh Sales, Tanya Plibersek, Clementine Ford, Brodie Lancaster, Jessica Rowe, Tilly Lawless, Ella Hooper, Tara Moss and Rosie Batty.

Breakthrough main stage design.
Breakthough crowd of attendees.
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The future is gender equality

Breakthrough achieved media coverage for the Victorian Women's Trust in The Guardian, twice, The Age, The New Daily and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Breakthrough augmented gender equality issues in the public's consciousness, made real policy asks and set out a blueprint for tangible change. The program and surrounding media focussed on three policy areas:

1. Representation

2. Economic equality

3. Safety from violence

The call for change was answered by both state and federal government responses on gender equality.

Breakthrough attendee instagram post about the conference.
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