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You’ve found the online home of Gillian Moran, a graphic designer and creative lead based in Sydney Australia.

Case Study

Case Study

Bringing Purpose to the people for a second year

Marketing / Event Design

Case Study

Case Study

Applying long-term thinking to the Purpose brand for 2018 and the future

Creative Direction / Brand Identity / Development / Marketing

Case Study

Case Study

Accelerating entrepreneurial thinking in regional NSW

Creative Direction / Brand Identity / Development / Marketing

Case Study

Case Study

Creating a versatile & inclusive brand identity for the Green Globe Awards

Creative Direction / Brand Identity / Development / Marketing

more branding work

Beat the Q

Brand Identity / UX Design

Kid Logic

Branding / Illustration / Packaging


Brand Identity / App Design

Xandy Family

Brand Identity / Illustration / UX Design

more marketing work

Money Smart

Illustration / Information Design

Coles Mothers Day

Illustration / Marketing


Illustration / OOH


Publication Design


A creative in every sense of the word, Gillian (Gil, to those who know her) will happily put her handiwork wherever, and on whatever you’ll allow her to. From spending an unhealthy amount of time tinkering with MS paint, to starting a roaring trade selling Spice Girls caricatures in the school yard for $1 - it was apparent from a young age that design was her calling. Gil now comes with ten years industry experience under her belt, a portfolio spanning branding, print, digital, web, app and interaction design, spatial and events, strategy and human-centered design and a strong desire to continue learning and fine tuning her craft.

core skills
Creative & art direction
Brand design & development
UX & human-centered design
Typography & illustration
Environmental graphics
Publication & print design