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Moss River


Brand Identity / Packaging / UX Design / Website




Moss River


Brand Identity / Packaging / UX Design / Website



On Indigo Bay is the sister brand to luxury Australian bed linen company Moss River. 

In 2015 Boheem was briefed to revamp Moss River, and with it, the more youthful sub-brand - On Indigo Bay. I was responsible for the creation of the On Indigo Bay brand mark and identity, shown here across packaging, tags, carry bags, catalogue and microsite.


A conference for all women

When the team at the Victorian Women's Trust came to Wildwon with their idea for Australia's biggest gender equality conference, there was a big difference between the existing VWT audience and the desired new audience for the conference. It was paramount to the event’s success that the branding appeal to women of all ages and be radically inclusive in its positioning, in line with the values of the event. After conducting research with members of the Victorian Women’s Trust and their target audiences, this information was consolidated into five key personas and experience design principles. From the insights garnered through this process the Breakthrough identity took shape.

Key Insights

Guiding insights to stear the rebrand

Insights were informed by the immersion, interviews, a review of best practise, lightweight UX audit of the website and nominations process, and the Aboriginal consultation.

01: The awards are perceived by those who know of it, as prestigious, rigorous, independent

02: There was caution about the awards association with NSW Government as this was seen as political

03: The biggest barrier to entry for grassroots initiatives and small businesses was the time it took to nominate for an award

04: The terminology that the Green Globe Awards uses currently does not include Aboriginal cultural practice or young people. The visual identity and language must be much more inclusive

06: The role of the Green Globe Awards is to be aware of all organic and self-directed sustainability activity happening in NSW and draw it together into a cohesive narrative

Audiences were looking to the NSW Government to actively set the sustainability agenda and direction for NSW and tell a compelling narrative around this.

07: Aboriginal people don’t need a qualification to understand their Country and continue caring for it - something they have been doing for millennia. Thus it makes more sense for Aboriginal judges to be included in the judging panel - rather than adding a specific award for this audience

08: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have kinship with the natural world: plants, seasons, stars, animals - they are custodians of protecting that kinship.

Particularly when communicating with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander communities and organisations, the language of ‘environmental custodianship' including intergenerational responsibility, nature, place and protecting culture should be prioritised.

the brand challenge

How do you tell everybody's sustainability story?

The big challenge with this rebrand was creating an identity that could amplify and appeal to the many different voices in the sustainability narative across wider NSW.

The solution uses a grid system made up of interchangeable tiles with two distinct brand colours (forest green and turquoise) representative of land and water. This brand system will be used to tell a multitude of sustainability stories, tailored to speak to all of the targeted personas from the research phase.

For example, when creating artwork to inform our indigenous communities of the awards, images of natural, untouched NSW landscapes replace green eco buildings. When reaching out to young fashion designers putting sustainabilty at the core of their creative endevours, textural images and iconography relevant to their story are used.

The image library for the new brand consists of a combination of built and natural environments, these images are connected in style by the 50/50 horizon line, which creates a fluid continuity between them. The suite of images will be added to year on year to keep the brand fresh and relevant, adding new faces, landscapes and icons as the brand evolves.


Bringing Breakthrough to life

Participants experienced Breakthrough through the event website and app, in print collateral and of course during the real world event. The experience design principles developed in the research phase were used to inform the design of all touch points, from the language used and images chosen, to the promotional channels and key moments of the event itself. Carefully designed and produced collateral played a key role in creating the Breakthrough identity and making the experience memorable for attendees. 

Customised name lanyards - with colour representing attendee type (guest, speaker, volunteer), also included a personalised message from the Victorian Women's Trust team inside. A custom built signage system that was draped with mixed textures of wood, paper, and fabric communicated a sense of openness, transparency, and inclusivity. Staging included drapes that cascaded over the stage and onto the floor, drawing the audience into the conversation. The Breakthrough logo was a dramatic and large focal point on the stage with its upward position suggesting momentum. From the custom built book signing area for attendees to mingle with speakers to a chill-out zone for attendees to have a moment of stillness in the comfortable furniture while recharging their devices - every part of the Breakthrough experience was considered.

journey mapping

A roadmap for our road trip

Pacing through the experience of a ‘Start Something’ participant via a detailed Learning Journey Map meant being able to pre-empt any pain points throughout the workshop experience and change the model accordingly. Surveys with participants after each workshop also helped adapt the flow for the next stop on our road trip to four regional areas of NSW.

a replicaple workshop model

Amplifying reach and spreading the know-how

One of the key objectives of this project was to make the workshop model replicable. By creating a facilitator handbook, each participant was given the ability to deliver the knowledge back to their communities. 

Each attendee left with a 44 page handbook, covering everything in the workshop with extra references. They also became part of the online community via the Start Something Alumni Facebook Group to continue their learning and sharing. 


The future is gender equality

Breakthrough achieved media coverage for the Victorian Women's Trust in The Guardian, twice, The Age, The New Daily and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Breakthrough augmented gender equality issues in the public's consciousness, made real policy asks and set out a blueprint for tangible change. The program and surrounding media focussed on three policy areas:

1. Representation

2. Economic equality

3. Safety from violence

The call for change was answered by both state and federal government responses on gender equality.

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