RMIT Beyond Research

A new look conference to launch RMIT's new approach to cross-disciplinary research and collaboration

A new look conference to launch RMIT's new approach to cross-disciplinary research and collaboration

Brand Identity / UX Design / Print Media

Beyond Research – Pathways to Impact was a showcase event celebrating RMIT’s cutting edge approach to research.

As the inaugural conference of RMIT’s Enabling Capability Platforms (ECPs), this special event encompassed three days of presentations and workshops across the eight interdisciplinary ECPs.

Beyond Research poster designs.
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I worked with the RMIT and Wildwon team to create the event visual identity and communications to launch a change program surrounding RMIT's significant restructure. 

The Beyond Research event visual identity was created using UX, research and immersion processes including personas, empathy maps and XD principles which resulted in a strong visual language that not only resonated with a broad range of stakeholders, but created an experience that was consistent and considered across all tailored communications, including of course, the three day conference.

Event visual identity

One identity to engage eight platforms

The graphic device is made up of a set of eight circles that visually move together as one cohesive unit, representing collaboration between RMIT’s eight ECPs. The graphic device is both complex and simple enough that different audiences will draw different conclusions about it. 

To someone working in the biomedical research space, it may look like a petri dish, or to an engineer, a circuit board. 

It was designed in a way that allowed for it to be scaled, cropped and rotated to show interesting visual communications across all media – creating different iterations that still feel like one cohesive identity.

Beyond Research style guide pages.
Beyond Research microsite design.
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Spatial design and event experience

Building new pathways to impact

The spatial design of the event became a physical manifestation of the brand for Beyond Research, with design details spreading to floor and wall decals, lighting and staging. 

Alongside a fully comprehensive style guide, deliverables for this project included branded wraps for foyer spaces at the huge MCEC venue, floor decals, branding of lecterns, branded stages and furnishings, t-shirts, custom lanyards, canvas bags and water bottles for participants, water stations, a location map, main auditorium lighting states and large-scale signage.

RMIT was committed to producing low-impact, re-usable and recyclable event collateral, such as water bottles and bags, as well as finding solutions to produce as little waste as possible right from promotion to conference close. This vision was translated into action by using minimal disposable packaging and repurposing event signage for future events. Even to this day staff at RMIT keep using the bags and water bottles which proves how beneficial sustainability can be in experience marketing.

RMIT Beyond Research lectern design.
RMIT Beyond Research large banner design.
RMIT Beyond Research speaker.
RMIT Beyond Research volunteers in branded tshirts.
RMIT Beyond Research crowd.
RMIT Beyond Research volunteer with wayfinding signage.
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Meeting the objectives

The objectives for this project and Beyond Research included:

Lift visibility 

Celebrate the diversity of research capability across the university and further enhance the position of RMIT as a leader in the interdisciplinary approach to research.

Research translation

Continue to evolve a university culture of research translation to benefit others outside the academic community.

Human element and networking

Educate industry around RMIT's new approach to research and collaboration.

HDR Engagement

Demonstrate the value of being involved in the ECPs to students.

Introduce new ECP Directors

Profiling and familiarising the  leadership across research and innovation.

Professional development and training

Provide opportunity to lift capability across key skill sets.

The event was successful in engaging with affiliates in the new cross-disciplinary research platforms and introducing the ECP leadership with a high impact brand and event. The conference had a significant visual and word-of-mouth impact and included spectacular speakers and content, creating a compelling case for change amongst RMIT and its stakeholders.

RMIT Beyond Research app design.
RMIT Beyond Research participants with branded bags.
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RMIT Beyond Research participants discussing ideas.
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