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Marketing / Event Design



A highly curated, two-day conference bringing the doers, influencers, thought leaders and pioneers of the purpose-driven business movement together. Purpose exists to help connect, inspire and enable the people who believe that a better type of business is possible. 

Purpose 2016 stage with Sally Hill, Wildwon


Why the need for Purpose?

Purpose was created by the Wildwon founders, Sally Hill and Yvonne Lee in 2015 when they observed more and more companies - like theirs, were working to drive a social or environmental mission into the very core of their business model. But how to galvanise this growing community? From this need, Purpose was born.

In its first year, Purpose was a runaway success and is now a growing community and set of offerings catering to those that are re-writing 21st century business and who know that the future belongs to the companies that solve problems, not those that cause them.

In 2016, the audience doubled in size as speakers and participants gathered to debate, listen and discuss issues including cathedral thinking, meaning and the millennial mindset and the business of design.

Purpose 2016 lanyard design system animation

waging war on waste

Creating a brand with a minimal waste mindset

In 2016, Purpose branded Frank Green reusable coffee cups and water bottles were supplied to attendees to divert single use coffee cups and plastic water bottles from landfill. We also used food waste bins as well as recycling (with biodegradable bags). As for staging, much of 2015’s original set was cut down, repainted and repurposed for the main stage theming. The lanyards were also designed with a no waste mindset, from 100% recycled stocks.

Purpose 2016 Program design
Purpose 2016 yoga and meditation outdoors

Activating the Purpose precinct

Making the moments to inspire a movement

From apocalyptic picnics and mindful meditations to coffee carts and recharge stations, Purpose was filled with activations and experiences for attendees to have multiple moments of surprise and delight.

The program itself was stacked with rockstars of the purpose-driven business world and edge thinkers whose ideas are moving the world forward. In 2016, this included mindful tech thinker Rohan Gunatillake, Thankyou’s Daniel FlynnPeta Granger from LUSH, Jirra LullaBenjamin Young founder of Frank Green.

Purpose 2016 program speakers spreads
Purpose 2016 social media tiles

Purpose 2016 conference slides
Purpose 2016 Frank Green cups and lanyards

Welcome to our community

We can't wait to meet you

You can join the Purpose community by visiting and signing up for updates on our 2018 conference in February. 

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